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Battlefield 3

Holy cow, I just saw the trailer for the upcoming Battlefield 3 game and I have to say, it caught me by surprise. I’m not a big fan of “shooters” (really, the only one I’ve played extensively was the Halo franchise back in college—but does that even count?) so maybe I should have known better, but I thought that Call of Duty was the big player when it comes to these war simulation games. By the looks of this trailer, I’d say that’s no longer the case. Battlefield 3 looks incredible, seems to offer a compelling story and (my favourite part) you can fly jets! Awesome.


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Arkham City Update: The Penguin

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Penguin, as his awkward deformations and obsession with birds has always seemed a bit corny to me. (Danny DeVito’s Penguin would be the epitome of that corniness.) But I like the direction Rocksteady is taking the Penguin—further exaggerating his pompous, greedy ways and making him more of a brainy, bourgeois-shackling kingpin. After all, the Penguin has always been a power player through Batman lore and very few Gotham City criminals have a simple, tangible motive (such as wealth) to push them over the edge.

Plus the first looks of the Penguin look pretty cool—he actually looks quite frightening, as opposed to the umbrella-wielding fatty we’ve grown used to seeing. He’s still got an umbrella. But other cool things, too… like a grenade-launcher.

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What’s Your Favourite Gaming Platform?

I like my Xbox 360 – the controller fits nicely in my hands, the menu interface is solid, the game selection is good and (so far) there haven’t been any major problems with its hardware or online network (which is more than Playstation has been able to say recently). Plus, I can play it in my (rather small) living room and use it to watch movies and listen to music.

Which platform do you prefer?

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New Releases for 2011 has a decent list of what they consider to be the “most important” games scheduled for release over the next year or so. Today’s poll question asks what games have you been most excited about?

My answers: Arkham City, L.A. Noire and Other (Madden 12 looks pretty slick and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon should be awesome, considering I’ve never played an AC game I didn’t like).

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Boot Up

Another term, another blog. But this time around, we be gamin’.

Consider this the obligatory initial post where I introduce my new blog and explain how I intend to do great things with it.

Well, maybe not so great.

While there are far nobler blogs out there in cyberspace dedicated to solving world hunger or abolishing meat-eating, and more original topics that I could take advantage of (although erecting a giant AT-AT would, surprisingly, not be an original topic, so I could be wrong about this) I’m out to create yet another blog that discusses the wide world of video games.

Despite the apparent frivolity of this blog, there’s a good chance that you will be more interested in it (or at least another gaming blog that is better written by someone more knowledgeable than myself) than a PETA, Greenpeace or Habitat for Humanity blog. And you should be ashamed of yourself. But it’s only natural. After all, animal rights, environmental preservation and poverty are heavy, serious matters. Gaming allows you to escape all of that, at least for a moment. Gaming—whether it be video gaming, board gaming, card gaming, etc.—is fun, and almost all of us are interested in it, or at least connected to it in some way.

Some of us are more connected to gaming than others.

But are video games only important to us as a form of escapist technology? Do they offer something more socially, academically or artistically? Video games are certainly influential economically, as the industry rakes in billions of dollars annually, so there must be more to them, right?

(Immediately I think of the most successful television series currently running—Two and a Half Men—and already this logic sounds foolish. But nonetheless…)

This blog is a class project for the University of Waterloo‘s English 794 “Video Game Theory” course, and will examine the above questions as the term (which runs from May-August 2011) continues. Some topics, such as the artistic merit of video games and the presence of narrative of video games, have already been talked about in-class, and I hope to reflect upon those discussions here shortly.

What else can you look forward to? Well, game reviews and reading responses to be sure (since this is, after all, a class project), but I will also be collecting useful or interesting articles and videos that I find online in the right-hand navigation column of this page. I will also be updating a Twitter feed, which you can follow right here on my blog, or through Twitter (obviously): @DyldeGamer

Happy gaming,



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