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19 Oct


So October 18 came and went and I am STILL WITHOUT ARKHAM CITY, despite having pre-ordered it from Best Buy almost two months ago.

You may be thinking, “Dylan, if the game was only released on October 18, you have to allow time for the item to be shipped. Obviously, the store cannot ship an item until it has been released.” FALSE. Online stores such as are able to ship items prior to the release date so they arrive at your door on the day of the item’s release. Think about it. It’s the only way these places are able to stay competitive, and it’s not like the stores receive the items on the day of their release. They get them days (maybe even weeks?) in advance.

But let’s assume that this is the case—that Best Buy is not able to send an item until its release date. Ok, that’s fine. I can deal with that. But I haven’t even received a shipping confirmation. And yes, I got a confirmation that my order was processed (weeks ago) and TWO email reminders notifying me that Best Buy had not forgotten about me, and that my order would be sent when released. But I’ve received nothing since September 30.

Maybe I had my order sent to the store, rather than my apartment. Could be, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. I went online to double-check. That is when I found out that Best Buy’s online service is less than ideal. I am given information on how much I paid, what I used to pay for my item, when I ordered my item and what my item is. That’s all good, but what about shipping? I’m given the following:

  • Scheduled forGround Delivery
  • Estimated Arrival: 08/28-09/06/2011

Nothing on where it’s being sent, whether it has been sent, or who will be delivering it (UPS, Canada Post, etc.). Additionally, the estimated date of arrival is completely inaccurate for a pre-ordered item. I’m not sure what percentage of Best Buy’s business is pre-ordered items, but I would think that it’s large enough for them to customize this piece of information. Especially since games like Arkham City come out with “special editions” that are only available in select stores (which is why I purchased my copy through Best Buy in the first place). Am I to extrapolate the estimated arrival date and assume I can expect my game within a week or two?

This is an example where missing one or two really basic elements in customer service is enough to scare away a customer (like me) in the future. I’d much rather go with a seller I can trust (like Amazon) who has left me with a positive experience. Best Buy’s shortcomings may be a problem with web development, customer service, communications—but to me, it doesn’t really matter. Customers want to know where the items they’ve purchased are, and when they’ll be receiving them. Simple.


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